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Torn Curtain pt 54 - NDL: Norrington Defense League

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December 12th, 2006

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01:33 am - Torn Curtain pt 54
Title: Torn Curtain (series)
Author: sampaguita_blue (in her other journal)
Pairings: Norribeth
Characters: Will, Groves, Margaret (OFC)
Notes: Completely ignores the sequels (RNotC)... Magpie belongs to classics_lover ... Samuel Quincy is lifted out of history books.
Summary: Elizabeth and Will are having marital difficulties. James Norrington steps in at the opportune moment (quite by coincidence) to offer a shoulder to cry on. They find love amongst memories, but does it carry over into the present?

Torn Curtain pt 54: Soon

In this episode: Theo's pyromania. Will being cunning. And the pushing forward of plot.

(Will raised a brow, wondering if he interpreted the Lieutenant’s meaning correctly. If he was right, the information might be useful at a later date.)

Find the archive to this story @ sprkysage and in succession at (this link)

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