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October 9th, 2006

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07:16 pm - Torn Curtain pts 43-49
Title: Torn Curtain (series)
Author: sampaguita_blue (in her other journal)
Pairings: Norribeth, Will/Abigail, Sampie, het!Gillington, and a hint of het!Grovington
Characters: James Norrington, Elizabeth Turner, Will Turner, Abigail Winters, Theodore Groves, Margaret Kensington, Andrew Gillette, Marianne Kensington, Samuel Quincy, Magpie Fletchley, and Weatherby Swann
Notes: Completely ignores the sequels (RNotC)... Magpie belongs to classics_lover ... Samuel Quincy is lifted out of history books.
Summary: Elizabeth and Will are having marital difficulties. James Norrington steps in at the opportune moment (quite by coincidence) to offer a shoulder to cry on. Infidelities abound and the minor characters manage to find romance in light and humorous ways.

Torn Curtain pt 43: A Husband’s Choice

In this episode: Will almost completely looses faith in his marriage.

(He ventured forth into the black and starless night.)

Torn Curtain pt 44: Arm-in-Arm

In this episode: A series of infidelities are discovered by an unlikely person. (And Groves and Gillette cavort with characters that may have been borrowed from Jane Austen.)

(When she saw a dog carrying a man's breeches in its mouth late one afternoon, it caught her attention.)

Torn Curtain pt 45: In the Kitchen

In this episode: Magpie is determined to ferret out information regarding a husband's alleged infidelity.

(Magpie Fletchley found that she could not keep hold of her tongue.)

Torn Curtain pt 46: Vicious Whispers

In this episode: Lt. Gillette and Miss Marianne are surrounded by the idle and vicious whispers regarding their friends-- James and Elizabeth.

(She found that she could only concentrate on the tiny speckle that rested just above his lip.)

Torn Curtain pt 47: A Daughter’s Confession

In this episode: The Governor makes a discovery.

(It will wear itself out.)

Torn Curtain pt 48: Shall We Pretend?

In this episode: Will speaks frankly with his wife.

(Did he imagine it, or was there a hint of sympathy in his wife's eyes?)

Torn Curtain pt 49: Tiny Explosives

In this episode: Miss Margaret happens upon Lt. Groves in a moment where he throws off much of his false bravado in favor of... explosives.

("Forgive me, Miss Margaret," the Lieutenant said, his voice sounding uncharacteristically kind.)

Find the archive to this story @ sprkysage and in succession at (this link)

Will be x-posted everwhere (and in separate parts depending on the community... I take the opportunity to warn those who happen to be on both _norrington and norribeth the parts will be posted in singles or pairs depending on my mood)...

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